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About Us

Indimode sells unique, contemporary and eclectic home decor such as cushion covers, bedspreads, beanbags as well as rugs where some of the products are our own designs.

Anneli started the business in 2013 after having found great inspiration from the vibrant colours, patterns and designs on her travels in India. She incorporated the ethnic styles and patterns in the cushion covers and curtains that she stitched herself or manufactured in India. Mixing the more exotic colourful textile designs of India with her natural and simplistic roots of Scandinavia the products were not just targeted for a specific audience but suited for all. Though many of our products would be labeled as boho there are others that are contemporary and plain. Indimode as such cannot really be boxed into a specific style. Equally many of our customers are those that are creating their own individual styles mixing and matching modern contemporary, vintage, boho and Scandinavian home decor styles. What Indimode do represent is colourful patterns and designs and unique products.

Some of the products that Indimode sells are often handmade by local artisans such as the embroidered cushion. But since the start of the business Indimode has expanded the product range and collections and also sells handpicked good quality manufactured home accessories. Our latest product range are the gorgeous two-sided bedspreads and sofa throws which we think are beautiful and some are fun and unique and carefully selected after testing the products. Indimode practices Fair Trade with the producers who are mostly based in India and China.