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Lavender Essential Oil for Aroma Diffuser - 10 ml - Indimode

Lavender Essential Oil for Aroma Diffuser - 10 ml

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Aroma essential oils to accompany our aroma diffusers or to add into a relaxing bath or massage oil. Essential oils have many health benefits and are also great for removing odour and preventing colds and allergies. Add a few drops to the aroma diffuser to humidify the air and bring a lovely aroma into your home. 

  • Essential oil for aroma diffuser 10ml - Lavender
  • Allow you to feel relaxed and healthy by only adding a few drops into the diffuser or bath
  • Remove unpleasant smells from cooking, smoking or animals from your home by adding a few drops into your diffuser
  • Can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, tension and nervous related difficulties
  • Can be used for relaxing massage and some are also healing and soothing to skin
  • Lavender Oil is well known for its relaxant properties, and therefore is often features in massage oils blends, particularly calming blends. Add 4-5 drops in your diffuser or can be used in massage oil before bedtime. It will help you unwind and let go of the stressed of the day.