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What are the benefits of Ultrasound Aroma Essential Oil Diffusers?

Not many people are aware about the benfits of aroma ultrasound diffusers. We often see them in spas and relaxing retreats. And it is a reason why these establishments have invested in these products as they do carry many health benefits. Here are some reasons why aroma diffusers not only take away odour but also are an investment in your own personal health.

1. Improve breathing and dry skin conditions.

Avoid the dry air due to central heating - especially during the winter time. Increase the mist output if you are suffering from allergy such as asthma or skin allergies that are causing the skin to be dry. If you have a flu or a cold then just add a few drops of eucalyptus or pepparmint essential oil to clear your chest and nose. The humidity from the diffuser improves the breathing sometime caused by dry air conditions.

2. Soothes and relaxes you after a hard day at work - or even at work!

Are you suffering from insomnia or stress not being able to relax? Aroma diffusers are a great way to soothe the stresses away in your mind and your body. Add a few drops of lavender, rosemary, chamomile essential oil to inhale and feel yourself ease into a more relaxed state. Many diffusers now also have LED lights which are also great as a nightlight as you can set it to dim light. Particularly useful for children that sometimes are scared of the dark or having sleeping problems.

3. Clears the air of pollutants and germs at home, work and spas

Every home, school or office and not only spas should be having a diffuser. Not only does the increased humidity prevent microbes to enter your body but also keeps your airway moist and healthy. Furthermore, many essential oils have powerful anti-microbial compounds which we inhale from the mist output that protects us from getting ill as well as boosts the immune system. Add essential oils such as pepparming, tea tree, lemon or thyme.

4. Increase your energy levels

Aroma diffusers can also be used to to increase your energy levels and raise your mood. They are great when you feel low but also when you want to increase the positive energy and spirit for an event or social gathering or for a romantic evening at home with a loved one. Mood enhancing oils include: sandalwood, vanilla, sweet orange, jasmine, rose.

5. Improve your mood

Aroma diffusers are great for recharging your brain cells and help you focus. Add essential oils such as eucalyaptus, rosemary, lemon and pine that have adaptive qualities - soothe when you are stressed but energise you when you feel drained and tired. Rosemary is also particularly good at balancing your own body’s hormones

6. Relieve chronic pain such as headaches and arthritis

If you have a back ache you tend to go for a massage for a treatment which is always beneficial or take pain killers that are not good for your stomach. You can also use a aroma diffuser and add the essential oils to reduce the pain or extend the after effect of a massage. There are many oils that are great for relieving persistent pain such as bad back, sore joints and headaches. Add a few drops of lavender which is the number one remedy for a migraine and tension headaches or eucalyptus that helps cleanse the body of toxins and harmful microorganisms.

7. The aroma diffusers are safe

The great thing about our ultrasound aroma diffusers are that there are no fire risk as there is not a candle inside them. They are combined essential oil aroma diffusers / humidifiers which you fill with water. They are also safe as you can set a timer or leave it on as when the water tank is empty they automatically switch off - so energy efficient!

We sell the latest aroma ultrasound diffusers in our store that will last up to 16 hours and has 7 rotating LED lights! They are not only good for your health but also elegant home accessories. Buy Now by clicking the product links below!

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