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About me - the blogger Anneli

Me wearing my friend Charlees customised hat made for me! :-)

I am Anneli and the founder of Indimode. The blog is more about home decor in general, life in general and ideas of how to easily improve your home decor and your own wellbeing in different ways than the store itself. I may even blog about things as simple as keeping things organised around you - in your home and in your mind  - to enhance your own well being. 

The products I am making and I am selling I create for a reason. The manufactured products I sell I choose to sell for a reason. The main reason I do - they make me feel good! Being creative is so important for everyone and expands your mind. And being creative has so many different avenues - it could be writing, painting, decorating your home, gardening as well as creating new life experiences. Travelling for example is another thing that expands your mind. Meeting, seeing and learning new cultures are so exciting but also exhausting at times. But ultimately you find you expand in your way of thinking and living. The knowledge you absorb without realising it and the inspiration you get is enormous. Often travelling and the things I see inspires me in the things I do and create.

So the blogs I create may also sometimes be related to my products - new arrivals or sales -  whether you buy them or not I hope I have shared something you find interesting.

If you want to find out more about home decor and cool fashion accessories, open relaxed mind, following your heart then sign up to our news letter. You will find out about my experience in life of what works and does not wok in my mind, new designs and ideas, and hopefullysome inspiration for your home or personal life.


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